Welcome to my website which is mainly based on my two main hobbies - Weather Reporting* and Amateur Radio

I am located at Erith, Kent in the United Kingdom which is 14 miles (22 km) south east from the centre of London. Erith is situated on the southern bank of the River Thames in the London Borough of Bexley. See image below ©M1CXN

*IMPORTANT - Please be aware that the weather data supplied from my own weather system is meant for my own private use and although published on the internet nobody should make decisions regarding the weather data shown.


I have been having issues posting my weather data to Twitter (I will always call it that!). Seems a change in URL wasn't being recognised but it seems ok now.

In the Radio tab I have displayed one example of a QSL Card from each country that I have received a contact confirmation. I now also show the various Awards that I have gained.

In the Links Menu is a tab named "Crafts". Clicking there will take you to a Gift site which has a family connection.